2015 US Golf Masters

April 13, 2015

imageI made a chart showing the results of the top five players over all four rounds. It shows just how dominant Jordan Spieth was from the very early stages of the competition.

Moto X and Open Moto X

May 30, 2013

The Guardian says that the new phone from  Google/Motorola will be called Moto X

I wonder if they would like to sponsor Open Moto X?

Hyperlinks on a Kindle

May 5, 2013

I want to publish the Batan City stories as an eBook that people can read on their Kindles or Nooks or whatever. Of course the Batan City stories are all linked together so I have been playing around with how best to make internal hyperlinks (i.e: links to another page in a document) that survive the conversion from Word/LibreOffice Write to .PDF and then to .MOBI. Which can be emailed or uploaded to an eBook reader.

So far I have worked out the following (starting with Word):

  • intradocument hyperlinks in Word need a bit of setting up
  • successfully translating the links to a .PDF depends on the way you convert the document
  • ensuring that the links in the .PDF move correctly to a .MOBI file (that you can read on a Kindle) also depends on the system you use to convert the file.

1) Setting up intradocument hyperlinks in word:
Don’t simply “add hyperlink” (mouse right-click, add hyperlink. This only works properly for external links  (to a website for example). You should use Headers and these have to be set up correctly. Basically you have to add a page break above the header that will become the title of the page you want to link to. Doing this manually does not work properly.

You add page breaks above  the header by modifying the Header settings in Word:
Right-click the appropriate header>>Modify>>Format (bottom left hand button)>>Paragraph (pop-up menu)>>Line and page breaks (tab)>>Check the box that says “Page break before”>> OK>>OK (to save your settings).

Once you have done this you can go through the document and make each page title (or story name in my case) into a Header (I have used “Header 2”). Once this has been done you can go back and select the word you want to be able to click on to jump to the appropriate story. Right-click the word and select “Hyperlink”. In the dialogue box you will see a list of the page headers that you made previously. Save.

Now you can go back to the document and test the link. I do this by changing the view to “Reading layout”.

2) Once you have checked that all the links are working as you want you can move to the next step which is to convert or save the document as a .PDF.

I tried several optoins for this and the only one that seemed to work correctly was to use Word’s on “save as .PDF” option. None of the PDF printers that I have installed on my laptop managed to convert the hyperlinks correctly.

Once you have a .PDF of your document you can convert it to .MOBI. I did this by simply emailing the document to my account.name(a)Kindle.com with the word “Convert” in the subject line. I tried sending the word document as well as the .PDF version but the conversion failed. So stick to using the .PDF. (see hyperlinkpdf_test.pdf attached)

Once you have sent the email you have to wait a few minutes for Amazon to convert the .PDF into .MOBI. You will find it added to your Kindle library. (see hyperlinkpdf_text.mobi not attached but I can email it to you if you want) This should be automatically appear on your Kindle when you next connect to your WiFi.

Let me know if this doesn’t work and I will try and solve the problem.

Later I’ll do the same for LibreOffice Write.

hyperlinkpdf test.pdf

Blogpost by email

May 5, 2013

Testing this out. It is what I liked most about the late lamented Posterous was being able to email Linksandanchors and have the email converted into a blog post.

I see that you can do the same thing with WordPress so I am testing it out.

The picture is a sketch I made of what the garden in Alicante might look like.

El Rey Feliz

March 6, 2013

El Rey Feliz

Thanks to Zeinab’s mum for translating The Happy King into Spanish. There are now seven translations completed and six in process. I really need to sort out illustrations.

Duke of Mancini

February 19, 2013
Manchester City’s Roberto Mancini says he is ‘best manager in England’


Illustrated by a photo that reminded me of Goya’s portrait of British general Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. There is probably a joke about Waterloo or “Nothing except a match at St Mary’s can be half as melancholy as a battle won.” but I can’t think of it.


Sex ratios of athletes at the summer olympics

August 22, 2012

Women have participated in all the olympic games except the first one in 1898. Since then the percentage of women taking part has grown every year except 1904 (St Louis) and 1936; when the Nazis (Was für eine Überraschung!) managed to reduce the percentage of sports women who competed at the Berlin olympics.

Apart from that historical blip the ratio of men:women has got more and more balanced every year.


Highlights for gender equalty are 1976 in Montreal, when the percentage jumped a record 5.4% (from 15.3% (Munich) to 20.7%) and again in 1996 in Atlanta, when the percentage grew 5.2% from 28.9% at Barcelona to 34.1%.

Since Atlanta the percentage of women to men has continued to grow, but more slowly. Since 2000 (Sydney) the growth has averaged just 2.1%. London 2012 reached almoist 55:45 men:women.

If this trend continues at the same rate it means that parity will be reached in 2024. Though I suspect that all bets will be off if Doha or Dubai host.

(N.B: the data come from the usually excellent Wikipedia – if anyone knows of a better source please let me know)

Women’s Olympic Medal Table 2012

August 12, 2012

Download the spreadsheet here:

Female to Male medal ratios for London Olympics 2012

August 11, 2012


This chart (click to enlarge) was made from data I downloaded from the Guardian’s Olympic Datablog. It shows which countries have a healthy ratio of medals won by men (red) and by women (blue).

I’ll try and update it tomorrow after the Olympics has finished, I’ll add some labels,mark the average and also maybe find data for past Olympics so we can see which countries are making best progress.

The Analects of Confucius

August 3, 2012

I have just finished reading Martin Jaques excellent book “When China
Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New
Global Order”. Confucian thought plays a key part in the Chinese way
of seeing so, being almost totally ignorant about Confucius I thought
I’d download his most important work from Project Gutenburg. While I
was there I copied the complete text into Wordle to see if a word
cloud might give me a bit more insight into what it is about:
Wordle: The Analects of Confucius