Perl Poetry

April 7, 2007

EGOogling Batan City I stumbled upon Sebastian Mary’s friends at the Future of the Book where just above a nice blog post about Batan City and other literary experiments I found the winner of the The Perl Poetry Contest 2000 by Angie Winterbottom:

if ((light eq dark) && (dark eq light)
&& ($blaze_of_night{moon} == black_hole)
&& ($ravens_wing{bright} == $tin{bright})){
my $love = $you = $sin{darkness} + 1;

It’s derived from a verse from the Pandora’s Box album ‘Original Sin’:

If light were dark and dark were light
The moon a black hole in the blaze of night
A raven’s wing as bright as tin
Then you, my love, would be darker than sin.

It made me want to learn Perl. Got a book about it somewhere… also must go back and read more about Future of the Book.

Sebasian Mary Harrington always seems to know such interesting people and do such interesting things.

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