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Participatory Football

November 15, 2007

Ebbsfleet United Home StripOver at New Athenian I was thinking about the news that MyFootballClub‘s 50,000 members have each paid $70 (£35) to particpate in running Ebbsfleet United Football Club.

According to Forbes Manchester United is the most valuable football club in the world with 50 million fans
world wide. Man U had $310m (£155m) income in 2006. This equates to just $6.2/fan/annum (£3.1/fan/annum)… So on this metric participatory-democracy seems to be worth 10x passive-consumerism. Sounds about right to me.

To put this into perspective: If Ebbsfleet United can get one million fans to contribute £35 (-7.50 admin charge) they could just about afford to buy a player like Rio Ferdinand (who Man U bought from Leeds for £29m in 2002).

USA Fedral Spending as pie chart

June 3, 2007
Federal spending 09

Federal spending 09

When I saw this pie chart here it reminded me of the Open Source Governance that Ray Archer and I imagined when we started thinking about NewAthens (broken link). All we need to do is add sliders to each segment that would allow people to adjust the size of a segment, and a slider to adjust the total size of the pie. A wiki to collect data, debate and thoughts would be important too. Double clicking on a segment would allow citizens to drill down into more detailed charts of spending… well a man can dream.