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User generated maps/gazetteers

November 2, 2006

A slightly random link from led me to OpenStreetMap which took me to New Popular Edition Maps and then on to GeoNames. All three are doing interesting things. I love the way GeoNames allows users to edit and improve the quality of their data. Yellowikis needs a map based interface like this to make it easier to get started.

Is Wikipedia the new Google?

October 20, 2006

Last week in London I was talking about how I’ve started skipping Google searches and using Wikipedia instead.

I said: “If I want to know ‘anything’ about ‘anything’ I use Google. But if I want to know ‘something’ about ‘something’ I use Wikipedia” – I think that explains it.

I just Googled “Is Wikipedia the new Google” and found that I’m not the first person to think this:

Vidya Ananthanarayanan (April 2005)
Tomahawk (February 2006)


My Green Jar (June 2006)

Drupal vs MediaWiki

October 14, 2006

I finally got around to setting up Batan City as a wiki. It was about 10 years ago that I first discussed the idea with Tatiana and Rosie. I took a long look at Drupal as an alternative CMS but the effort required to set up Drupal seemed so much greater than the MediaWiki package I finally opted for what I know (and love). I will probably regret it later – particularly when I want to start restricting editing rights… we will see.

ezPCwiki Googled

October 7, 2006

Google indexed Ivan’s new wiki 8 days after he told them about the site.

Working at home publishers

October 4, 2006

Random Flickr links lead me to Steve Bowbrick’s blog which took me to Jay Rosen’s New Assignment.Net that led me to Paul Bass’ article on “Creating the New Haven Independent” on PressThink. Much of the debate in the comments was about revenue models which reminded me of The Best of and My Mag franchises. Sales and marketing people are just as interested in finding new opportunities as local newspapers dissolve in the face of Craig Newmarks’ lists.

Now I’m wondering if one of the big advertising groups would give Yellowikis $100,000 as a start-up gift like Reuters did for New Assignment.Net.

Clip Art Commons

September 30, 2006

I just discovered the Open Clip Art Library. Looks like a great resource – will investigate further tomorrow.


September 30, 2006

Ivan’s wiki is taking shape: